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SCIENCE Birthday Party Singapore

Wacky & Fun Science Experiments to light up your child's Party! - Hosted by our Crazy Scientists!

We hold the BEST Science Birthday Party in Singapore - Period...our competitors aren't even close.. ssshhhh...

Make your birthday party the most memorable birthday event with our Super Fun and educational Hands-on Science Experiments!

High Touch High Tech Singapore provides hands-on, FUN Sizzlin' Science Birthday Parties in Singapore where each child becomes a REAL scientist performing REAL experiments!

Recommended for children ages 4 and older, our Sizzlin' Science Birthday Parties are totally participatory, totally safe and totally age appropriate for each and every child!

Our Sizzlin' Science Birthday Parties combine the most exciting experiments to create FUN science memories that will last a lifetime!

Science Programs for Kids


Motivate children to investigate the natural wonders of science!

Our Singapore Birthday Party Packages include:

A Fun-Filled, Fast Paced, Crazy, Wacky & Educational Science Adventure!

2 Styles for you to choose from -

Style 1: HANDS ON!

Our Science Birthday Party themes contains engaging Hands-On experiments.

We don't just "perform" the experiments, Kids participate in them HANDS ON! They learn through doing the various experiments and they learn the science behind them! Not forgetting that it's F.U.N!!!

Style 2: SHOW BASED!

Our scientists will "perform" and conduct various fun and wacky science experiments in a show based style. The "Show" will be highly engaging and the kids just love watching and understanding the science behind it!

And of course, we will get volunteers up to participate in our crazy experiments! The kids will have a blast in your birthday party!

Mini Birthday Party information guide

* Our Birthday scientist will come to your party location.
* We provide all science supplies and materials.
* There will be take-home experiments for every child!
* Our little child scientist will be given scientist lab coats to put on!
* Our scientist will conduct the birthday cake cutting ceremony for you right after the science party. (optional)
* and MORE!! - Check with us for full details (we can't list them all here!)


Science Programs for Kids


Discover the power of observation as students journey through experimentation!

After doing So sO SO MANY Birthday Parties! We know what the kids love! And we have streamline a LIST of TOP Science Experiments for you to choose from!

For example, in a 60 min Birthday Party. Apart from all the Buzz and Hype, you can choose 3-4 Experiments that you think your child would love to have!

Our Birthday Party Science Experiments are T.O.P S.E.C.R.E.T, we can't list them here. Do email us for our full birthday party information guide and the list of experiments for you to choose from.

Our friendly birthday party expert will also recommend you what are the TOP Favourites and can also custom to your child's preference.

Just hook up with us for more details, we are absolutely Fun and Friendly and we love chatting. ;)

Send us an email or drop us a call with our Super Nice and Friendly birthday party girl at 9821 4600. We will send you full details of our Super Fun and Educational birthday party guide! Ensuring your birthday party will be a BLAST!

Unsure of whether to choose us or our MAD competitor? Check out our reviews below! And watch our sneak peak science birthday party video that we held at Ben & Jerry's Singapore @ Dempsey road!

*IMPORTANT!* - At High Touch High Tech, We engage TOP Quality A Grade Hosts that we personally pay TOP DOLLAR to keep them in our company. These hosts are the same hosts that are Professional Emcees and Corporate event hosts that can hold themselves in any big or small settings. The host of the party means the LIFE of the party! We don't compromise on quality! That's why we pulled our strings & hairs to keep these guys with us without charging you extra! We want your kid's science birthday party to be a BLAST! - Choose High Touch High Tech (The Largest Established Science Brand in US)

Let's hear just some of what our ravving clients says about us!:
"I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the most amazing birthday party for Alex!! He couldn't have been more excited! I had three parents call me to tell me thank you and that their kids won't stop talking about it. I couldn't have begged for it to have been any better! I can't wait until one of my boys is invited to someone else's High Touch High Tech party!!!"
Rochelle, 6-year old Birthday Party

"We just had the Best birthday party for our son's 5 year old birthday celebration held by Hightouch Hightech at our condo's function room. The children had lots of fun with the different hands-on science experiments. It's wacky and had several science factors in it! The host was engaging and got all the kids to participate! The theme we chose was the Alien space rocket theme and the children had a blast with the rocket they made. They especially love the alien's slime too. The kids just couldn't stop talking about it even the party ended! If you are looking for a unique and fun birthday party, you should definitely engage hightouch hightech their birthday party event. It is definitely a memorable birthday experience for our son! "
Ethan Wong, 5-year old Birthday Party

And mannnyyy more Ravving Testimonials not uploaded!

Take a Sneak Peak at our Science Birthday Party held at Ben & Jerry's Demsey Rd:

We have so many flabbergasted children and parents who have held birthday parties with us in Singapore. Let us plan your birthday party event with you together!

Make your birthday party the most memorable event for you and your child with Hightouch Hightech Sizzling Science Birthday Party. It's going to be AMAZING!!! Let your child pick the theme he/she likes. We can listen to your ideas and cater an event that will just blow the kid's mind!

Let them experience science like they never did before!
It's not only FUN, it's Educational!

Contact us today to enquire about our reasonable rates for an EXPLOSIVE BIRTHDAY PARTY for your child! - Contact us Here! - The BEST Science Birthday Party in Singapore or simply call our birthday party girl at 9821 4600


- Your Crazy Scientists at High Touch High Tech
(The Largest Established Science Brand in US)

Science Programs for Kids


Involve students by becoming REAL scientists performing REAL experiments!

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